Cover art by Kristin Schneider
This is a new and creative endeavor.  Route 66 is looking for Fiction 66 words in length, no more, no less for its premiere edition due to appear at www.lulu.com in May of 2008. All genres are welcome as long as it is your best work!!! Route 66 will be a print magazine, small enough that it can be neatly tucked for escape time, and hopefully eventually become a paying market. Cover art submissions are welcome, and do NOT have to have a Route 66 sign in them.  Just something eye appealing. Multiple submissions welcome!  Be fearless!!

Submit to Kimberly Raiser/Editor at  route66magazine@aol.com

   Route 66…….a mind-full, in a minute…

April 6, 2008 update

Route 66 will be adding a section with one short story more than 66 words in length.  This short story will be solicited by the editor.  The premiere issue is almost ready for publication.   A few chosen stories will be posted on this site soon!!!!

Submissions are always welcome!!!!